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Each day we strive to be your reliable manufacturing partner.

Together, we can help you save money, protect your bottom line,

keep your employees and customers safe, and protect our environment. 

A reliable and capable supplier

Our Capabilities



Factory Floor Space

28000 sqft

Trade Show Experience

36 years of experience


1 - 3 million manufacturing capacity

Made in the U.S.A.

2 U.S.-based manufacturing plants

Trade Shows

100 - 200 trade shows a year

Save Money

By replacing hard surface wastebaskets for a 700-room hotel, the Tellurian is saving our client $74,000 annually in labor hours, supplies and other costs.

Keep Employees Safe

Viruses stay active 3x longer on hard surface wastebaskets than on a Tellurian.  Stops cross contamination, offer better protection for your workers and customers.  Reduces potential liability.

Our Partners

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