Our Tellurian line; your convenient and green wastebasket solution.

The enviromental impact of a Tellurian Wastebasket is

only 0.06% of the impact of just one plastic wastebasket.

Features & Benefits

The Tellurian

tel·lu·ri·an [ te-loor-ee-uhn ]:

of, relating to, or characteristic of the earth and its inhabitants

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Reduce your carbon footprint

100% recyclable, biodegradable and disposable.

90% less space

90% less space

Collapsible, uses much less space to ship or store than plastic legacy baskets.

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Strong & durable

Stronger than corrugated cardboard and less expensive to use and maintain.

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Think Green, Save Green.

The Tellurian is made from 100% reclaimed recycled paper that helps stop the spread of germs in any workplace, hospital, office, or hotel. 

Reduce the risk of reusing traditional plastic or hard material wastebaskets. 

Cut labor costs while complying with reopening guidelines. 

They're great to use anywhere!

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FAQ's about Tellurian Wastebaskets

Great Question!  You can go to our consumer website at https://www.eco-techwaste.com/shopnow. 

There, you'll be able to order not only a few Tellurians but also purchase specialty packs for picnics and events.  These specialty packs come with items "fit for purpose."  For example, the picnic pack includes biodegradable plates, utensils, cups and other supplies.  When you're ready to pack up to go home, you can roll everything up and dispose of it, guilt-free.

The Tellurian is "right sized" to be placed under desks, in hotel rooms, next to picnic tables...almost anywhere.  Big enough to hold 28 quarts of material, but small enough to not be in the way.

For dimensions, the top opening is 14 inches wide and 10 inches long.  It stands 14.5 inches tall.

The Tellurian is made of recycled, channeled fiberboard. 

We also make an insert for the Tellurian.  This insert improves durability and water resistance.  It is also made from the same material.

The Tellurian is ideal for events and other short-term activities such as picnics, trade shows and tailgating.  It also is great when COVID policies require items to be frequently disposed, such as offices, schools and hospitals. 

A Tellurian typically lasts between two to six weeks depending on how you use them and if it has a reinforced insert.  Some users report they are using them for 3-6 months in office settings.

We can customized Tellurians with custom colors, logos or printings. 

For custom orders, you should either call or contact us using the form from our contact page.  We want to make sure we provide exactly what you want if we can.

Partner Order form for Large Purchases (more than 500 wastebaskets) 

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